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Hi, my name is Donald Stoesz. I worked for thirty years as a prison chaplain for Correctional Service Canada under a contract system. 
I have published four books on chaplaincy. My most recent manuscript can be found on my website.  Contact me at

  Becoming Whole: An Ethic of Desire

           The other three books are entitled:

Glimpses of Grace: Reflections of a Prison Chaplain

(Victoria: Friesen Press, 2010). One hundred one-page vignettes about ecumenism, inter-faith accommodation, volunteers, therapeutic interventions, programs, and pastoral opportunities.

Magic of Fiction in Illuminating Transformation,

(Victoria: Friesen Press, 2019). The book answers the two most frequent questions that I am asked as a prison chaplain. 1. Are offenders remorseful for what they have done? 2. Is it possible for offenders to change?      

Prison Chaplaincy Manual: The Canadian Context 

with Hank Dixon (Victoria: Friesen Press, 2020). Basis of an on-line chaplaincy course at Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta. 

On-Line Prison Chaplaincy Course  (2019, 2020, 2021)

Seminary course offered every fall at Ambrose University, Calgary, Alberta.