Glimpses of Grace Donald Stoesz
Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

2021-2023: Pulpit Supply at Olds Presbyterian Church
2021-2022: Site Based Chaplain at Bowden Institution.
                      Employer: Bridges of Canada
2020-2021: Interim Pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Olds,
2016-2020: Site chaplain. Bowden annex. Employer: Bridges of
2014-2016: Site chaplain. Bowden annex. Employer: Kairos Pneuma
2011-2014: Site chaplain: Bowden annex. Employer: Mennonite
1998-2011 : Protestant Chaplain, Bowden Institution, Alberta.
Mennonite Church Alberta
1987-1998: Protestant Chaplain, Special Handling Unit,
Archambault, Etablissement Leclerc,
                   Etablissement Cowansville, Federal Training Centre,
                   Quebec. Employer: Mennonite Church of Eastern
1990-1997: Faculty Assistant and Lecturer, McGill University,
Quebec. Worked with Dr. Gregory Baum.
1981-1983: Youth Pastor, Foothills Mennonite Church, Calgary,
1975-1977: Community Development Worker, Employer: Mennonite
Committee, Newfoundland and Labrador.

 Academic Qualifications

1991: Doctor of Philosophy: McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.
          Dissertation Title: “The Confessional and Apologetic Aspects
          of G
ordon Kaufman’s Thought.” Supervisor: Dr. Douglas
          John Hall.
1981: Master of Divinity: Associated Mennonite Biblical
Elkhart, Indiana.
1979: Bachelor of Arts (Honours): University of Manitoba,
1975: Bachelor of Theology: Canadian Mennonite Bible

 Professional Credentials

2005: Ordained for Prison Ministry by Mennonite Church Alberta in
          consultation with the Bergthal Mennonite Church, Didsbury,
1993: Certificate of Accreditation.  Professional Orientation for
          Chaplaincy, Correctional Services of Canada.

1981: Certificate of Clinical Pastoral Education.  Memorial Hospital, 
          South Bend, Indiana, under the supervision of Rev. Ron

 Select Publications

2020: with Hank Dixon. A Prison Chaplaincy Manual: The Canadian 
          Context. Victoria: Friesen Press, 2020.
2020: “Rationale for Religious Accommodation.” In M. Taher,
Multifaith Perspectives in Spiritual and Religious
          Care: Change, 
Challenge, and Transformation. Toronto:
          Canadian Multifaith Federation. 283-284.
2020: “Strategies of Resistance: Comparison of Anabaptism and
farianism.” In M. Taher, Editor. Multifaith Perspectives
          in Spiritual 
and Religious Care: Change, Challenge,
          and Transformation
Toronto: Canadian Multifaith Federation.
2019: Magic of Fiction in Illuminating Transformation. Victoria:
Press, 2019. 
2018: In the Company of Saints: Interviews of Eight Prison
Unpublished Manuscript, 35 pages.
2018: The Most Optimistic Augustinian I have ever Met.”
          The Ecumenist. 
Volume 55:2 (Spring 2018). 16-17.
2018: Canadian Prairie Mennonite Ministers’ Use of Scripture:
Victoria: Friesen Press.
2013: ”Historical Origins of the Church Lectionary,”
          Preservings: A Journal of the D.F. Plett Historical
          Research Foundation
No. 33, 2013, pp. 64-72.
2010: Glimpses of Grace: Reflections of a Prison Chaplain.
          Victoria: F
riesen Press.

 Teaching Experience

2019-2022: One-Line Prison Chaplaincy Course. Ambrose University,
                  Calgary, Alberta. Eleven Video Lectures along with 
                  13 Assignments and 3 Zoom Sessions,
                  Tuesday evenings, September – December.