Glimpses of Grace Donald Stoesz
Chaplaincy Course

            On-line chaplaincy course, 

          September to December, 2025.

          A course syllabus is provided below.
       SC613: Introduction to Prison Chaplaincy

A prison chaplaincy internship program of three months (PT712/721) is being developed for the fall of 2025.

Visit Certificate in Spiritual Care | Ambrose University to learn more about SC613 or PT712/721,

To register, email, phone 403-410-2900 or 1-800-461-1222,or write to Ambrose University, 150 Ambrose Circle S.W. Calgary, Alberta T3H 0L5. 

Let me know if you have any questions,

        A job description is included in a statement of work.

Lecture One: Rationale and Expectations of Chaplaincy Course
Lecture Two: Rationale and Overview of Prison Chaplaincy
Lecture Three: Criminal Offences, Sentences, and Staff Responses
Lecture Four: Varied Nature of Institutional Prison Chaplaincy
Lecture Five: Purpose of a Pastoral Interview
Lecture Six: Ministry of Presence
Lecture Seven: Rituals and Programming
Lecture Eight: Role of Ecumenism and Inter-Faith Accommodation:
Lecture Nine: Keeping Safe in a Prison
Lecture Ten: Role of Colleagues and Volunteers
Lecture Eleven: Restorative Justice and Reintegration
Undergraduate Course: 
BHS405: Incarceration, Grace, and Justice