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Grief Recovery Course

                        Grief Recovery Course

  1. Have you recently lost a loved one, ended a relationship, changed careers, or been in a crisis?
  2. Have you been able to grieve your loss and find support from friends and family?
  3. Do you need more understanding about the grief recovery process?

If you have answered yes, this grief recovery course could be helpful. The course includes seven, two-hour weekly sessions based on the book, Grief Recovery Handbook, by John James and Russell Friedman. The cost is $125.00, which includes the book and journal notebook. Between 5 and 10 people are a normal size for the group. All sharing is confidential. 

Week One: Stages in the Grief Process

Week Two: Past Assumptions about the Grieving Process

Week Three: Positive and Negative Characteristics of the Person

Week Four: Identifying what could have been different, better, or more

Week Five: Short Term Energy Relieving Behaviours

Week Six: History of Loss graph

Week Seven: Sharing about a loss one has experienced

I am a retired prison chaplain and ordained minister with Mennonite Church Alberta. I taught this relationship course several times as a regular part of my work as a chaplain. More information about me can be found on my website,