Glimpses of Grace Donald Stoesz
A Prison Chaplaincy Manual

I have just finished writing a manual on prison chaplaincy that establishes it on a more professional basis.  I have included a Table of Contents below, along with a pdf download of the first section. 

First Section of A Prison Chaplaincy Manual

I have included a job description of a federal prison chaplain, adopted by the Interfaith Committee on Chaplaincy more than twenty-five years ago, accepted as part of the Memorandum of Understanding with Correctional Service Canada, and used with some minor changes since then.

Job Description of Federal Prison Chaplain


 Table of Contents




1. Historical Overview of the Justice System

2. The Secular and Sacred Tasks of a Prison Chaplain

3. The Purpose of a Pastoral Interview

4. Chaplaincy: A Continuum of Care

5. Assessment Tools for Chaplaincy 

Prison Dynamics

6. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Aspects of Prison Ministry 

7. Prison Chaplain as Gate Keeper  

8. Dynamics of Solid and Sex Offenders in Jail 

9. Role of Evangelism in Prison 

Programming Opportunities

10. Loss, Grief, and Mourning in Inmate Populations

11. A Grief Recovery Course 

12. Authority, Peer Pressure, and Young Adults

13. A Co-Dependency Course

14. Unresolved Oedipal Issues in Incarcerated Men 

15. Two Relationship Courses 

Faith Formation, Ecumenism, and Inter-Faith Dialogue

16. Two Experiencing God Courses

17. Celebrate Recovery Program

18. Establishment of Wiccan Practices 

19. Comparison of Anabaptism and Rastafarianism 

Establishment of Sacred Spaces

20. How Post-Modern can a Prison Chapel Be? 

21. Celebration of Spiritual Care Services at the Bowden Annex 

Professional Development

22. Inherent Goodness of Human Beings  

23. Review of Keepers of the Cloak, by Tom Beckner