Glimpses of Grace Donald Stoesz
Professionalization of Chaplaincy

I have included the Introduction and On the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Mission Statement of the Correctional Service of Canada for viewing in a pdf file below.


 Table of Contents




Professionalization of Chaplaincy

1. On the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Mission Statement     

2. Ideological Assumptions of Faith-Based Groups in US Prisons  

3. Job Description of CSC Employee Chaplains  

4. Assessment Tools for Chaplaincy 

5. Chaplaincy: A Continuum of Care 

Prison Dynamics

6. Gift of Fear 

7. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Aspects of Prison Ministry 

8. Prison Chaplain as Gate Keeper  

9. Dynamics of Solid and Sex Offenders in Jail 

10. Role of Evangelism in Prison 

Programming Opportunities

11. Authority, Peer Pressure, and Young Adults 

12. Unresolved Oedipal Issues in Incarcerated Men 

13. Loss, Grief, and Mourning in Inmate Populations 

Ecumenism and Inter-Faith Dialogue

14. Establishment of Wiccan Practices 

15. A Comparison on Anabaptism and Rastafarianism 

Establishment of Sacred Spaces

16. How Post-Modern can a Prison Chapel Be? 

17. Celebration of Spiritual Care Services at the Bowden Annex 

Professional Development

18. Inherent Goodness of Human Beings  

19. Review of Keepers of the Cloak, by Tom Beckner

20. Do You Know Who Dismas Is?